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About Us

Who We Are

It’s simple really. We are specialists for swimming pools and pool services in Malaysia. We take pride in delivering the best maintenance service to our clients in Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur. We specialise in water treatment and keeping your pool safe to swim in
We also strive to keep to our schedule. That means if we have an appointment, we arrive at the agreed time. Sometimes we may get delayed - if that happens, then we will do our best to inform you before our appointment, so you don’t have to keep waiting. It also means we do the work we promised to do.
If we do the above, all of us should be happy.
And one final thing. We are a Malaysian company and only employ Malaysians. Nothing against overseas workers but we reckon we should take care of our fellow Malaysians.

When would you call us?

If you need something done with your swimming pool, spa and jacuzzi or water-features then we are the right guys (and gals) to call. We can design and build, service, clean, supply and repair fairly much everything to do with recreational water.
An area our team is particularly good at is water treatment. You want to swim in safe, clean water. We want to make sure you have it.
Having been around since 1985 we have a pretty good understanding of what is needed by our clients. Feel free to ask our clients shown further down if you need more information.

Our Commercial Clients

(we also service Condominiums, Schools and Residential)
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