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We provide the following swimming pool services in Malaysia: Consulting; Design; Supply; Construction; Maintenance; Repair; Testing; Energy Saving;

Swimming Pool Maintenance

We service swimming pools predominantly in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. With dedicated full time service staff, we are able to provide customised care for our clients as well as provide rapid response for urgent service needs.
Beribu Jaya Sdn Bhd

Supply and Repair

We supply of standard and hard to get items ranging from items such as pumps and filters, through to more complex control equipment. Further we provide most forms of pool repair, including no drain options for tile and underwater lights replacement.
Beribu Jaya Sdn Bhd
Beribu Jaya Sdn Bhd

Construction Consulting

Working on behalf of our end clients, we provide a value add service to ensure that pools and water features are correctly designed and implemented.

Construction Design

Design of Mechanical & Electrical systems.


Construction of swimming pools, water features and project landscapes.
Beribu Jaya Sdn Bhd

Operational Audits

Auditing provides a means to understand whether existing in use swimming pools are meeting regulatory, operational and engineering requirements.
Beribu Jaya Sdn Bhd

Operational Guidelines

Preparation and / or review of existing operational guidelines.

Operational Training

Classroom or on the job training focusing on correct methods ranging from water treatment and basic servicing through to engineering maintenance.


Testing of systems to ensure that they are performing correctly and as per design.
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